1. Put Salt Machine on Auto 0%, get chlorine reading 1 ppm or below
  2. Clean filter
  3. With pump running, add a bottle of Iron Stain Remover to pool on the stained area.
  4. Brush pool and stained areas.
  5. After one hour of adding stain remover and pumps on, add 16 oz. of Pool Magnet.
  6. Let pool run 24-48 hours.  After 48 hours,
  7. Vacuum and thoroughly clean filter again.
  8. Test chemicals and adjust to ideal levels (get stabilizer cyanuric acid to 100 ppm).
  9. Put Salt Machine on Super Chlorinate 100%.  Next day go back and put Salt Machine to Auto then back to Super Chlorinate making sure Super chlorinate light is on.
  10. Next day, test pool for chlorine levels.  If reading is still low, repeat #9 and run pump.
  11. If reading is 3 ppm, put machine on Auto 50%