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Difference in account types: Licensed Pool Contractors receive a 10% discount on first Shell order, 15% discount on 2nd shell order in a single month. The main difference between a Dealer account and a normal Customer account is both must pay the deposit before the pool shell will be scheduled for pick up. However, Dealers are given Net 30 terms to pay the additional amount which allows them to collect the pool install fee from their customer before paying the rest.  One time purchase / DIY customers must pay in full when pool is picked up.  Delivery costs are handled directly between customer and shipper (we have some that will transport across the country). 

Why Nomad Pools?: Price and Performance are king of course. Nomad Pools makes the finest Fiberglass pools with average 1/4″ thick mixture of Chop Mat and Woven Roving Fiberglass hand rolled.  100% isophthalic resin (unlike others that use a single Vinyl Ester skin coat then cheap General Purpose resin behind it). While Isophthalic Resin is used in Oil/Gas industry and Medical devices for its resistance to chemicals and water. Our Gelcoat is the industry finest, provided direct from the manufacturer and is the same company that provides gelcoat to top boat and pool manufacturers. Our Gelcoat is at least 20 mil thick with UV inhibitors which helps it stay true to color longer (others don’t use UV inhibitors in gelcoat as less brittle). 

OEM/WHITE LABEL: Our low pricing is for White Label / OEM only. This means you can contact us and provide us with your logo, and we’ll send you a brochure template you can have printed so it looks like you are the manufacturer.  You then add our pictures and information to your own website and brand as you see fit, with whatever price you’d like to showcase. 

Non-licensed Do-it-Yourself Fiberglass Pool Customers pay price listed on website unless they are buying multiple pool shells. If they have purchased one pool shell that month, they get a 10% discount on all pool shells purchased that same month.

Licensed Pool Contractors get 10% off their first order, 15% off 2+ shells purchased that same month. It will reset to 10% off the following month. 

WARRANTY: As a subcontract Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer, we do not directly warranty our gelcoat and fiberglass to your customer as included in the purchase price.  If they have a gelcoat chip issue, they would contact you (since white label / OEM) and you would have a local Fiberglass Repair shop or an internal employee handle the repair. We provide gelcoat repair kits with all necessary chemicals and mixing instructions to perform the repair underwater or out of the water.  We have Warranty training days for you to send your employee to our factory to learn from the technicians on warranty repair as well.  Our DIY customers, easily handle gelcoat repairs themselves, so our dealers have no problems taking care of any small issues or they hire a fiberglass company to handle the repair but use our gelcoat kits.  We do offer a Gelcoat warranty to Dealers and DIY customers which is an option limited to 1.5 times the value of the option. We charge $125 an hour for Gelcoat and Fiberglass repairs and $50 an hour drive time. Please view Warranty page for more information on minimum charges. 

We do warrant to the dealer the fiberglass will be free from cracks due to manufacturer defects for a period of 25 years non-transferrable.

Terms of Use / Terms of Purchase

All Dealers who purchase a Shell from us agree to the below:

Non-Reproduction Clause

Customer warrants that the shell purchased will not be used to “Splash” or create a new mold or additional shells. If a duplication is found to have occurred, customer who personally originally purchased the shell or their Estate will pay Nomad Pools LLC  200% the current value of the shell sold by us, times number of shells created off the mold for life of the mold.  They agree that this Non-Reproduction Clause covers them personally, not the corporation they work for. It is a personal guarantee they will only use this fiberglass shell for in-ground pool use or notify Nomad Pools LLC immediately. 

Non-Masquerading Clause

Customer warrants that they will not represent themselves as Nomad Pools LLC or any of its owned Service or Trade Marks like Pettit Pools, Pettit Fiberglass Pools, Adamas Pools, etc.  If they are installing the shell as part of their pool company, they will make it clear to their customer they are the Fiberglass Pool Factory and will cover any warranty claims, not Nomad Pools LLC. 


Dealer acknowledges that they have reviewed the pool prior to pickup or attachment of crane to pool to remove from trailer and have found no gelcoat or fiberglass structure damage.  Nomad Pools LLC is not liable for any costs due to delays in installation for any reason, including delays due to shell delivery arrival time or warranty claims.