How much does it cost to buy a fiberglass pool?

The average price to install a Fiberglass Pool is $32,500.00 and includes Cantilever 3 foot deck around and over pool coping, variable rate Hayward pumps, Acrylic, permits, and up to 50′ electrical connection for those in the Tampa Bay Florida area. Different areas will have higher costs due to Permit fees, Trade Partner costs, and how hard it is to dig in your area. 

For comparison, vinyl lined in-ground pools will cost $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 less initially, but over a 15 year period will end up costing more, if your liner or the walls are damaged and you have to purchase a new liner or have your side walls replaced.  

A Concrete Pool will cost you $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 more with similar options, and have higher maintenance, utility, and labor costs.

For those who want the best, and wish to install their own pool, you can purchase one of our Shells, rent a crane and excavator, and install your own pool if your municipality allows it (most will, but some will require a permit even if it is your own property).  You will then have a plumber connect the Pump & Filter, electrician bond all the rebar, pool water (through skimmer), connect LED lights, and connect your Pump & Filter. After usual county or city inspection, and adding a deck drain if deck is attached to your home, you then pour your concrete deck (either flush to coping, or install your pool 3-1/2″ lower and your concrete trade will use cantilever forms to extend the concrete over the pool lip), final electrical work, install alarms on Windows & Doors and make sure your fence & gate is an acceptable barrier in your state.  If DIY is of interest to you, we offer DIY dig plans and installation instructions to help you through the process. You can find these on another blog post of ours here