OEM White Label Warranty (No Gelcoat Warranty, Fiberglass Factory Defect warranty only)

Nomad Pools LLC warrants to Purchaser that the pool shell will not leak for the life of the pool under normal residential use due to Manufacturer Defects in Resin or Fiberglass non-transferrable.  The structure warranty is only against leaking caused by failure of the shell due to faulty workmanship or materials used in the manufacture of the pool shell.  There is no Gelcoat warranty unless paid for as an option at checkout.

Customers may contact customer@nomadpools.com to receive information on how they can repair most gelcoat scratches or chips without draining the pool and will receive one free Gelcoat Repair Kit just pay Shipping and Handling. 

Repairs: Any Structural Faulty workmanship Repairs may require modification of the pool. All structural repairs shall be performed by Nomad Pools LLC, or personnel authorized, using the same color materials as used on the original pool shell if available. If such color materials are not available, Nomad Pools LLC will use the closest match available at that time. Nomad Pools LLC will be responsible for reasonable costs to either repair or install another pool, the choice of which to be at Nomad Pools LLC Sole discretion. Nomad Pools LLC will also cover the initial dose of any chemical treatments used.  In the event of Repair or Replacement, Nomad Pools LLC will not be liable for any damages or loss to property including but not limited to any fencing, landscaping, patios, sidewalks, or any other improvements connected to, or not connected to the pool shell, except for any gross negligence on the behalf of Nomad Pools LLC. Nomad Pools LLC will also not be responsible for the cost of removal and disposal of existing pool. 

Not Covered under Warranty: 

  • The price of this shell is for OEM / White Label with no Warranty outside manufacturer defects to the fiberglass. Any gelcoat blemishes must be noted at time of pool delivery with pictures sent to Warranty@nomadpools.com before Nomad Pools LLC delivery driver leaves or the shell has been picked up by the dealer (if not delivered by Nomad Pools LLC employee). Any Gelcoat issues after delivery, will not be covered under any warranty. Customer my request a gelcoat repair kit be sent to them and repair the gelcoat paint job themselves using the directions or via phone support.
  • Structural failures or other damage to the shell caused by improper installation, handling, storage, or transportation. All installation practices must comply with our Installation guidelines including but not limited to properly packing backfill under steps, around the pool, and following a certified engineer’s plan when installing a shell in high ground water.
  • The color or texture will exactly match the factory finish if repaired.
  • The finish of the pool against discoloration, staining, fading, hairline cracks, surface roughness, calcium scale, whitening, mineral deposits, or surface yellowing.
  • Any deck surface in contact with Pool. Example, bullnose paver that has shifted, or concrete crack.
  • Anything attached to the Pool shell. Example: PVC Pipe, Skimmer, or lights. It is the responsibility of installer to ensure inlets, skimmers, and drains are properly sealed prior to backfill.
  • Transport Damage. We take videos and pictures of all shells on the trailer before transport. This helps the customer know if it was a Factory or Installer warranty issue. Transport Damage must be covered by Transport Insurance.
  • Minor variances or blemishes in the finish of the pool shell.
  • We do not warranty the surface of the coping as we expect customers will use a cantilever or bullnose cover. This is also due to concrete trades or customers walking on exposed coping, scratching up the Gelcoat with shoes on.
  • Minor Scratches to the Gelcoat surface (Our pools have no scratches from factory, so are installer or customer related. However, gelcoat is a paint job and not structural, or what makes the pool waterproof. A Gelcoat scratch repair kit can be purchased that closely matches your sully blue color if needed)
  • We will not insure or warranty any pools damaged from misuse, negligence, accident, changes in law, or acts of God

Void Warranty:

  • Your warranty is void, if the customer allows water to fall below the skimmer outlet at any time. If you need to drain the water from your pool for any reason, please let us know and we can issue a variance if the work is done by a Licensed Pool Contractor, who can make sure Well Pointing is performed to remove any ground water.
  • Installer fails to properly backfill or use Shell or crushed aggregate 3/4″-1″ in size for the base of the pool. We do not warranty ground settlement. Please use a compacted base dug to Nomad Pools LLC dig sheet specifications.
  • A concrete collar is not installed around the entire perimeter of the pool at a minimum of 8″ deep and 12″ wide. Concrete should be placed under the coping and cover coping lip.
  • You do not notify Nomad Pools LLC in writing within 7 days of warranty claim at 6551 Industrial Ave, Port Richey FL 34668.
  • Repairs made by unauthorized personnel
  • The pool is not maintained per ANSI standards.

Determination of Cause: Nomad Pools LLC, at its sole discretion, will determine the cause of an alleged structural fault.  We will identify only if it was a delamination issue caused by faulty workmanship or materials, or if the root cause was improper installation or homeowner negligence.

It is the duty of the Purchaser to provide access to the pool repair site during normal business hours.

Following repair or replacement, the pool shell will then be warrantied for the unexpired portion of the warranty. Under no conditions will Nomad Pools LLC compensate the Purchaser for loss of time, inconvenience, or use of the pool for any reason. Nomad Pools LLC is under no duty to refund any, or all, of the purchase price of the pool shell for any reason. Warranty is limited to cost of repair and Nomad Pools LLC shall have no other obligations or responsibilities.

Regardless of cause, wither it is covered by Warranty or not, the initial on-site visit will cost $75.00 to the customer. Subsequent visits to repair the issue noted on the Warranty Service Report, shall not incur this Project Management charge.

Non-Reproduction Clause

Customer warrants that the shell purchased will not be used to “Splash” or create a new mold or additional shells. If a duplication is found to have occurred, customer will pay Nomad Pools LLC  200% the current value of the shell times number of shells created off the mold.

Non-Masquerading Clause

Customer warrants that they will not represent themselves as Nomad Pools LLC or any of its owned Service or Trademarks like Pettit Pools, Pettit Fiberglass Pools, Adamas Pools, etc.  If they are installing the shell as part of their pool company, they make it clear to customer they are the Fiberglass Pool warranty, not Nomad Pools LLC. Our shells are priced less than competition for this reason.


Dealer acknowledges that they have reviewed the pool prior to pickup or attachment of crane to pool to remove from trailer and have found no gelcoat or fiberglass structure damage.  Nomad Pools LLC is not liable for any costs due to delays in installation for any reason, including delays due to shell delivery arrival time or warranty claims.

Version 10/5/2021