Fiberglass and High Ground Water

Usually, high ground water is not a problem except during install. Installers will “Well Point” using long PVC pipes they insert into the ground around the pool hole before it is dug, and using a pump, pull out ground water until dry enough to dig. 

After your fiberglass pool is filled with water and backfilled properly, the well pointing is removed and now the fiberglass pool shell is no longer buoyant. 

If you have normal high ground water table due to location near a lake, canal, or pond, you should ask your installer to also add a 8″ standing pipe that stands in a rock filled hole dug 12″ deeper than the deep end of your pool. After your deck is installed, the excess 8″ pipe is cut off level with the deck and a skimmer lid can be added to cover it.  

You can then insert a sump pump down this hole and let it run for a few days until dry, then drain your pool with the pool water being carried via hose to front yard.