1. Review our Shell Quality page on how we build your pool
  2. Made in Tampa Bay since 1978. We don’t make them in other states or countries and then import
  3. We back you up when dealing with Crazy. Some customers you can’t please, but you can inform them with a clear warranty and RMA process.
  4. Installation Help. If you let us know what day/time your installer is excavating, we can make sure one of our Excavation experts is available to answer any questions they have (please know how to use a sight or laser transit, we don’t support water levels).  
  5. We have an actual E-mail address for Warranty. Some only allow phone calls so they can’t be held to their word. Not only do we respond by e-mail or text, but our actions prove what our words promise. 
  6. Hand Laid and Hand Rolled Fiberglass using uncut 100% resin.  Some claim “Marine” Grade resin, while we use higher Pool industry grade Resins. 
  7. Gel Coat. Some use a Gel Coat that has higher elastic properties at the expense of UV protection. They do this so they have less chips to repair during finishing. Our Gel Coat is formulated for the Pool Industry for best UV protection 
  8. If we miss a set delivery day, we’ll pay you $500.  If you pay for delivery direct to your job site, our trucks have GPS so you know exactly how far out they are. 

While we don’t claim to be perfect, we do claim that we will delivery a quality product that has the best value. 

Nomad Pools